Giving Ground

Synopsis of the play

Rachel Gardner is a second-year litigation associate at the Chicago law firm of Goller-Brock LLC. When  senior partner Sterling Deminici enlists her to help with a commercial dispute involving a shady Internet firm, she reaches out to fellow associate Bryan Floyd to help her understand the financial issues. When Rachel's boyfriend, Trevor Hale, starts giving her inside information from the shady company, Bryan asks his boyfriend, Assistant State's Attorney Tad Strong, to help with the investigation.

Soon enough, Tad turns up dead.  His friends endeavor to find out who may have killed him, an effort that doesn't sit well with their superiors.  To make matters worse, Trevor seems marked for execution as well.

As the trio continue their investigation, they discover intricate networks involving Russian thugs, mysterious foundations with connections to aldermen and police commanders, and come under suspicion of criminal activity themselves.

To unravel all this requires them to decipher intricacies of bankruptcy law, electronic surveillance, and legal ethics. It also requires them to discover who they are and how much courage they possess.