Giving Ground

Giving Ground will be presented again on Thursday and Friday,  June 27-28, 2013, by Chicago-Kent College of Law in the Chicago-Kent auditorium, 565 West Adams Street.
2-5 PM

2012 Production

Watch the deposition scene from the play

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                Murder, lies, and corruption provide the fuel for Giving Ground, a new play produced by Chicago-Kent College of Law. Giving Ground follows four young professionals--three lawyers and an accountant--as they navigate a network of high-stakes power brokers, shady corporate entities, and corrupt politicians. Y’know, standard Chicago stuff. When one of the four is murdered, the other three begin to probe the mysterious circumstances surrounding the crime. Can they discover who killed their friend before the police do… or before they get killed themselves? The play, written by law professor Henry Perritt, has characters that breathe and a plot that keeps you guessing, and it’s peppered with insight into legal issues that affect Chicagoans on a daily basis.


                Find out who done it by attending the show.